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Akhmetov donates quarter million dollars for children of killed miners to study in his ‘school of the future


On 11 October 2013 Grigorivska International School has announced admission of applications for the academic year 2014-2015. The school graduates will receive diplomas of the Ukrainian and international standards and can continue their education in the leading universities of Ukraine, Europe and the USA. The children whose families cannot afford the tuition will be afforded scholarships from Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

During the first academic year the Foundation will offer 20 scholarships amounting to over a quarter of a million dollars and increase the number to 50 next year. By the fifth year the school is going to offer 84 Akhmetov scholarships to the total amount of $1,092,000. In academic year 2014-2015, the Foundation will give Akhmetov scholarships to children from 9 to 13 years (the age will be then raised to 18 years) from Donets and Donetsk region. Scholarship holders will make 25% of all the school’s students.  In the first year the scholarships will be given to children of miners killed in accidents on duty.

"We think we should help the families going through a hard time in the first year of work of Grigorivska International School. Donetsk is a mining capital, so we decided to offer scholarships to children of the miners who died in accidents on duty. We think it's fair," said Director of the Foundation for Development of Ukraine Anatoliy Zabolotnyi.

He added that scholarships would be provided also to children with disabilities. The school meets all European standards in terms of conditions for such children: "We can support inclusive education and will seek to develop and promote this culture in other Ukrainian schools," he went on to say.

 The Foundation for Development of Ukraine will make its request regarding the number of scholarships in the school for each year. The foundation will also select social groups that will be able to apply for the scholarships. An independent Scholarship Committee of the school will be responsible for enrollment. The school will also accept applications for the scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee will consist of five established experts in education, both from Donetsk and abroad. Currently the committee includes Reshat Ariel (UK), the school’s director, and Bernard Ivaldi (Switzerland). The committee will be fully staffed by December 2013.

Selection of students for the scholarship will consist of 7 stages: application; testing and interviews with the children and the parents with participation of the Scholarship Committee members. The final decisions will be made by the committee after having studied the applicants’ files and had personal interviews with them.

Admission for scholarship will start in January 2014. Full information on the selection criteria, application process and the Scholarship Committee will by that time be available at the school’s website

 General admission will start on 14 October 2013. The applicants will be tested and interviewed. Full information on the application process is available at the school’s website and its representative office.

About the school:

Grigorivska International School is a private school of international standard with a strong focus on foreign languages, modern infrastructure and quality training and sports facilities. The project is being implemented at the initiative of SCM in partnership with Ukrinvest.

Jobs:                            110

School places:              600 (200 in academic year 2014-2015)

Start of admission:        14 October 2013

School opening:            1 September 2014