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The truck convoy #155 has arrived in Donetsk. Weekly delivery plan is fulfilled


Today, on January 29, the Humanitarian Center's truck convoy #155, which was sent for Donbas yesterday, arrived in Donetsk. Due to severe weather conditions the trucks were forced to stop moving and stay overnight near Volnovakha

A few hours ago 15 trucks went through customs inspection at Novotroitske checkpoint with the full package of supporting documents, confirming the cargo composition and product quality.

The convoy of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center delivered 300 tons of food to Donetsk, the volunteers will use it to form 50,000 survival kits for adults. The humanitarian aid is aimed for the most vulnerable civilians in non-government-controlled areas of Donbas.

Despite the forced stop of the 155th convoy, the Humanitarian Center fulfilled the weekly plan of humanitarian aid delivery to Donbas. Over 800 tons of food products have been delivered to the logistic centre in Donetsk. The Humanitarian Center's volunteers have already set to forming 90,000 food packages for adults. 

As of January 29, 2016, Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center issued 6,261,000 survival kits for adult civilians and 465,000 children packages on both sides of the contact line.