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Mobile Women’s Health Consultation


Implementation years: 2012-2015

In 2012, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation purchased a mobile diagnostic complex, the only one of its kind in Ukraine, for the National Cancer Institute. This complex allows to make early diagnosis of tumors, thus giving patients a huge chance to successfully treat this disease, because when cancer is still at the first or second stage, it can be cured in almost 90% of cases.

The Mobile Women’s Health Clinic is a specialized 18-meter road train of European standard, created for comprehensive examination of reproductive organs. This clinic on wheels has two specialized examination rooms: gynecological (featuring an ultrasonography device, colposcope and cytological sampling equipment) and mammological (where women undergo mammography exams).

The Mobile Women’s Health Clinic has three sections: reception room, mammological and gynecological examination rooms.

In particular, this complex provided services to people with special needs. For that purpose, it was equipped with a specialized hydraulic wheelchair lift.

6000  women underwent examination at the Mobile Women’s Health Clinic. Cancer at early stage was found in dozens of them; these women received successful treatment, and they are healthy now.