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DTEK restores electricity supply to 1 million residents in 310 Donetsk Oblast settlements during the military operations



Overall at the time of hostilities, DTEK power engineers have returned electricity to 1 million people in 310 settlements of Donetsk Oblast, many times they did it for several times. So far 35,000 Donetsk Oblast residents in 33 settlements are still cut off from electricity because of military operations. The restoration works have been going on daily for 185 days.

DTEK power engineers returned electricity to the first two villages in Slavyansky district that had suffered from military operations on 17 May. Since then:


  • 1,000,000 residents in 310 settlements of Donetsk Oblast have had electricity back on due to repair works carried out by power engineers.
  • 35,000 residents in 33 settlements remain cut off from electricity as of the morning of 20 November.
  • 1 percent out of 4.5 million Donetsk Oblast residents are currently cut off from electricity in the partially or fully de-energised settlements.
  • DTEK provides almost 1,000 power engineers and up to 250 pieces of equipment daily to carry out restoration works across Donetsk Oblast.
  • Power engineers have been working 14/7 for 185 days in the regions that suffered from mortar attacks.
  • 400 electrical lines, 400 110/35 kV substations and about 7,600 transformer substations damaged by hostilities have been fully restored since 17 May.
  • There are still 50 electricity lines and 25 110/35 kV transformer substations de-energised in Donetsk Oblast which are to be repaired and supplied with electricity.
  • One bullet or shrapnel may cut off electricity in up to 40 settlements if a power line or a transformer is damaged.
  • One team of three power engineers may need from 2 to 20 hours per day to bring back electricity to 10,000 people.


We remind that the Central Dispatching Administration of DTEK Donetskoblenergo – the heart of the company – was damaged as a result of direct shell hit and the fire in the building in Gorlovka on 27 July. Now the administration works from Kramatorsk.


DTEK is the largest energy company in Ukraine. It is part of the financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM). The shareholder of the group is Rinat Akhmetov. Maxim Timchenko is the Chief Executive Officer of DTEK. Currently, DTEK employs 140,000 people.

Electricity is the core product of DTEK. The assets portfolio is represented by 10 thermal power plants and two combined heat and power plants with 18 GW of total installed capacity; one wind farm with the designed installed capacity of 200 MW; five electricity distribution enterprises, which provide services to over 5.2 million customers — both individuals and legal entities; 31 mines and 13 coal-processing plants; oil and gas extraction assets.

In 2013, DTEK’s enterprises generated 53 TWh and purchased 56.9 TWh of electricity for further supply to consumers; coal output equalled 41.4 million tonnes and coal processing amounted to 29.3 million tonnes. DTEK exports electricity to four countries and coal to 31 countries worldwide.