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All-Ukrainian Psychologist's Day: 591 thousand Ukrainians received psychological help from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation


Today is All-Ukrainian Psychologist's Day. In times of war, these professionals make a significant contribution to the mental health and better future of Ukrainians, helping people to stay strong, overcome stress and trauma and move through the darkness to the light. Psychological assistance has been an important priority of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation since 2014.

The Foundation has already provided qualified psychological support to 591,000 people across Ukraine, including direct assistance, information and motivational support:


  • practical webinars and videos from the Foundation's psychological experts;
  • on-site consultations of mobile groups of psychologists for residents of frontline areas, as well as for internally displaced persons, doctors, and teachers throughout Ukraine;
  • psychologists working with children experiencing war trauma during the Blogger Camp shifts;
  • psychological assistance to adults and children affected by the war who are undergoing psychological and physical rehabilitation in sanatoriums provided by the Foundation;
  • psychological assistance to people after shelling of residential areas;
  • an opportunity to share your own story about what you experienced during the war and learn the stories of other Ukrainians at the Museum of Civilian Voices by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, etc.

The work continues in all areas. In May, the Foundation's mobile teams of psychologists will go on their important trips again - this year, they will assist in the frontline settlements of the Donetsk region, where people need support.

The Museum of Civilian Voices is the world's largest archive of Ukrainian war stories, which has a psychotherapeutic effect and promotes mental health. It is a space of trust where you can tell your story in a comfortable way. The Museum has already collected more than 100,000 human stories.

In addition to the opportunity to share your experiences on the Museum's website in the special section "'Civilian Voices. Trauma of War" ( and on the Foundation's YouTube channel (, you can learn how to work with the psychological trauma of war, as well as learn about your psychological state by taking tests and getting information from webinars and articles by psychologists. 

As part of Rehabilitation of Injured Children and Treatment and Rehabilitation of Injured Adults projects, the Foundation's specialists provide professional psychological assistance in the context of physical recovery, rest and rehabilitation of people who have been injured and traumatised as a result of hostilities.

During the recreation and rehabilitation of children affected by the war as part of the Peaceful Recreation for Children of Ukraine project, psychologists who have completed the War Trauma course developed by Foundation work with children and teenagers at Blogger Camp. They use techniques that help reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence, develop imagination and creativity, and get rid of fears; they also conduct classes aimed at stabilising and improving the psycho-emotional state of children.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation's psychologists provide assistance to children and teenagers who were illegally taken to russia and managed to return to Ukraine. These children have gone through severe trials and need special attention and urgent qualified psychological help, which the Foundation provides them during Blogger Camp. Rinat Akhmetov Foundation also implements psychological and motivational projects for all Ukrainian children and teenagers all year round.