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The Ombudsman for Children's office promises to help with delivery of humanitarian insulin for Donbas children


During the roundtable meeting "A year since the conflict started: Humanitarian map of Donbas civilians' needs and blocking of humanitarian aid" Rimma Fil, the Coordinator of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, announced the problem with insulin for children in non-government-controlled areas.

"Unfortunately, we have no instrument to deliver insulin for sick children. Once again, we need clear and transparent rules for the delivery of humanitarian aid, food products and medications, and a separate checkpoint for humanitarian goods. It is very easy to make a blockade, and if we are fighting for the territory, but not for people's minds, it is possible to do so. But if we believe that there are our Ukrainian citizens living there, we need to help people, who got in trouble, – Rimma Fil emphasized.

Assistant to Ukraine's Presidential Envoy in Children Rights, Volodymyr Vovk, stated that children make the most vulnerable category in the current events taking place in Donbas. The government official promised to refer this matter to Children's Ombudsman, Mykola Kuleba. Besides, Volodymyr Vovk also noted that psychologists' work with children, who have experienced the trauma of war, is the work for decades.

"Children are the most vulnerable category in the events that are currently taking place in Donbas, and it is not a coincidence that KIIS sociologists revealed the fact that children need professional help of specialists. That is why, I will refer the matter on the access to essential medications, particularly insulin, which was mentioned by Rimma Fil, to my colleague, Mykola Kuleba. And I am sure that he will help to solve this problem. As for the problem with eliminating the consequences of war trauma among children, we understand that it is extremely important. And it is the work for decades. As to the fact that Humanitarian Center has trained 250 crisis psychologists and their services will be expanded in the future, I can only say the words of gratitude. What Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is doing at the moment is very important for the whole country. I have no doubts that there should be no disputes and political colorations at the moment. The focus shall only be on what we can do as a next step in overcoming the problem. Now we have to provide each other with mutual assistance", – Volodymyr Vovk emphasized.