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The Х International Conference on Philanthropy was opened in Kyiv



Today, on February 22 the International conference of Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum “Atlas of changes for the better”, held for the 10th time, was launched.  

The conference participants will review and analyse the degree of charitable organizations influence on the reforms in Ukraine. They will also discuss and develop the necessary measures for our country development.

Traditionally, the conference brings together the most successful experts and practitioners of philanthropy from around the world. Among the participants of this year there are representatives of the United Nations Development Program, the International Red Cross as well as the largest foreign and Ukrainian charitable organizations.

 “Today the state of our state is that it needs help,” Roman Rubchenko, the director of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, said at the conference. “The charitable organizations have undertaken a mission to help the needy, to solve burning  questions and problems of people. One of the most serious problems is the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe in the east of Ukraine. According to the UN, more than a million people in Donbas today do not have enough food, more than three and a half million people need help. To avoid the catastrophe, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation established the Humanitarian Center, which has been saving lives of Donbas inhabitants for three and a half years. 80% of the aid that these people receive is the help of the Humanitarian Center. A systematic approach has been developed, a unique experience has been accumulated, and we are ready to share it. To solve major social questions in Ukraine more effectively, it is necessary to unite efforts, to analyse and use the experience of public organizations and government institutions, private and international initiatives.”

In addition to the prospects for cooperation between the sectors, the question of the charitable organizations’ participation in health care reform will be discussed. Besides, the key topics of the conference will be the use of IT technologies for the benefit of society and the development of socially responsible business in Ukraine.