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ATTENTION! The second aid issuing point of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is opened is Horlivka


On August 7, 2015, the second aid issuing point of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center was opened in Horlivka, Donetsk region.

Address of the issuing point: 24, Shvydkoho str. (Veteran Palace of Culture)

Working hours:  10:00 - 14:00, Monday - Friday.

The humanitarian aid from Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center can be received in this issuing point only by residents of Kalininsky and Mykytivsky districts of Horlivka.

Humanitarian aid is provided to the local residents of benefit-entitled categories, approved by the Humanitarian Center:

  • People with the 1st and the 2nd disability group
  • single parents with children under 18 inclusive (including widows/widowers with children under 18 inclusive)
  • multi-child families (3 or more children, all of them are under 18)
  • Retired people older than 65 years old, for Donetsk and Makiivka - older than 60 years old
  • families with disabled children
  • families with adopted children, orphans and children, whose parents' rights are annulled
  • people, who obtained disability during the military actions in Afghanistan or other places of military operations
  • people, who are registered in district administrations for labour and social protection of the population as low-income individuals
  • pregnant women of any gestational age that are registered according to the established procedure
  • orphans under 23 years old

The coupons that were previously received in the first issuing point at Shakhtar Palace of Culture are valid. Residents of Tsentralno-Miskyi district of Horlivka will keep receiving their humanitarian aid in the first issuing point at Shakhtar Palace of Culture.

The information about this issuing point can be found on the website of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. The working hours of your issuing point, when the humanitarian is issued according to the corresponding coupons, what categories of citizens is the humanitarian aid aimed for, what is the food package content and other questions can be answered via the online help service.