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A branch of contact radiation therapy was opened in Lviv and experience of oncologists from Donetsk, Lviv and Rivne was combined for online consultation of a patient .


Today,  4 February 2013, Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" to the World Day against Cancer united Donetsk, Lviv and Rivne in the telebridge "Cancer  is ...?".  During the telebridge possibilities of online consultation to correct the tactics of treatment of severe case of the patient of  Lviv branch of contact radiation therapy was presented. Also the chief oncologist and radiologist of Ukraine and leading experts commented on pressing issues of timely availability of helping the patient, the role of modern technology in the treatment of cancer patients in Ukraine. The introduction of a telemedicine network in specialized cancer institutions was made possible through implementation of the project eHealth of Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine". Cost of the project in Lviv was 500 thousand UAH. The purpose of this project is the introduction of information technologies in medicine - they will reduce time and distance of the patient to the timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Also on this day in Lviv State Cancer regional health-care center a branch of contact radiation therapy (brachytherapy) was opened. In world practice for cancer control brachytherapy is recognized the "gold standard" of treatment of abdominal tumors, especially urinary tract, esophagus, mouth floor, as well as other organs, such as breasts and even skin. Specialized equipment as well as  furniture and other supplies for 4.2 million UAH were acquired for the funds provided by Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" under the project  "Cancer Can Be Cured", which aims to develop oncology service of Ukraine.

Mykhailo Kostiuk, Head of Lviv Regional State Administration: "Today is a significant event for our region - opening of the branch of contact radiation therapy. Precisely on the World Cancer Day we have become a step closer to the world standards of medical care for cancer patients of Lviv region. Thanks to Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation "Development of Ukraine" work of Lviv health care center gets to a new level. We need to keep up with time providing cancer patients with the latest technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. After all, every year about 18 thousand patients receive specialized hospital care in the regional cancer center. Also 6 thousand operations are performed. I am convinced that only the systematic cooperation of government, business and public organizations is effective, so today we are grateful to the Foundation "Development of Ukraine" and are looking forward to further cooperation under other programs. “

Ihor Sedakov, chief oncologist of  MoH of Ukraine: "Year after year in Ukraine there is a positive tendency in fight against cancer. There is gradual decrease in mortality. One of the main factors that should mentioned is the rapid introduction in the state of world technologies of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Departments of hospitals are being updated, number of modern medical equipment is growing, professionals acquire the latest methods of treatment.  Thanks to Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation "Development of Ukraine" in March of this year, the department of contact radiation therapy will be opened in the antitumor Donetsk regional center - the best one in Ukraine."

Viktoriya Mykolayuk, manager of the program “Cancer Can Be Cured” of the Charitable Foundation  "Development of Ukraine": "Rinat Akhmetov has initiated a program" Cancer Can Be Cured ", aimed at equipping oncology service with modern high-tech equipment. Substantial funds - 315 million UAH – were allocated for its implementation. Some of these funds - 11.7 million UAH – aimed to strengthen medical and diagnostic facilities of Lviv State Regional Cancer treatment and prevention Center. Today we see the result of the program: opportunities and advantages of online consultation of the patient, opened a branch of contact radiation therapy. By giving equipment to public health facilities, we focus on the fact that the state should provide access to diagnosis and treatment on it for each patient, since the ultimate goal of the Foundation is the maximum benefit to people.”

Let us remind that in November 2012, the Foundation opened a branch of contact radiotherapy in Rivne regional oncologic dispensary, and in March 2013 under the program "Cancer Can Be Cure" Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" will be opening a branch of contact radiation therapy in Donetsk regional antitumor Center.”