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The third truck convoy of the 15th Humanitarian Aid Drive of Rinat Akhmetov arrived in Donetsk


The third truck convoy of Rinat Akhmetov's 15th Humanitarian Aid Drive that left Dnipropetrovsk this morning, on February 7, has already arrived in Donetsk.

26 heavy-duty trucks from the Aid Drive delivered grits, flour, sunflower oil, macaroni products, condensed milk and baby food. The total weight of humanitarian load from this convoy makes 470 tons. Before leaving Dnipropetrovsk the Humanitarian Aid Drive load was monitored by the representatives of battalions and mass media, and sealed.

Soon the volunteers from Shakhtar Football Club will pre-pack and put stickers on 14 kg food packages. The aid is aimed for the peaceful Donbas residents, who live in ATO zone, on the territories controlled by Ukrainian authorities and firing line towns.