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Rinat Akhmetov: We Helped, Are Helping and Will Continue to Help Civilians


The Foundation’s founder answered questions from Forbes:

What kind of assistance are Ukrainians and the country receiving now?

My Charitable Foundation (the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation) helps Ukrainians survive – [providing] water, food, medicines, any sort of help we can give here and now. And SCM businesses help the army and territorial defence units. They help defend our sovereignty, our freedom and our independence. Help to win.

We help Ukraine and Ukrainians in the first place. As I said, we helped, are helping and will continue to help civilians. We also will be helping our army and territorial defence units in putting an end to the military aggression against our country.

What international ties do influential Ukrainians use?

SCM is an international company and each of our staff members is now using all their connections and opportunities in order to convey to our international partners the truth about the deaths and suffering of civilians in Ukraine, about the tragedy that is happening in our country.

How does your company operate currently?

At the time of the war, our company operates in a wartime mode. Our main goal now is to help Ukrainians survive and endure it.

What future awaits Ukraine?

I am in Ukraine, and I am not going anywhere. I live with the same feelings as every Ukrainian has now – in the expectation that the war in our country will end with our victory, and we will be able to start rebuilding of our country to make it happy and prosperous. From my side, I will spare no effort or money for that.