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Respected Colleagues, Dear Friends!


I would like to extend my sincereest congratulations to you on International Volunteer Day! I congratulate you and the whole of Ukraine - primarily on the fact that we have volunteers, and that they are nearby in life’s most difficult moments.



Who is a volunteer? It's someone who races to the rescue of those who need help, those who are weaker - those who wouldn't survive otherwise. Volunteers are always needed, - and since the onset of the conflict in Donbass they have become irreplaceable.


The Humanitarian Center has also become irreplaceable for my countrymen in difficult times. Five thousand volunteers helped people survive daily, saved lives, transported food and medicine. They helped and helped all over again.  And today everyone knows that due to their heroic work, more than a million people have survived. 


Millions of saved lives are not just a figure, these are human destinies. It's a fight for every person - every day, every hour, every minute. It's the warmth of the heart with which volunteers warmed those who had lost hope. They are child survivors, women and old people. And this is the highest value.!


Today,  dear friends, I say thank you so much! For your courage, for fearlessness, for humanity, for the fact that someone else's pain has become yours. For your warmth, your participation, your love, bringing peace closer to Ukraine.


Thank you for the past, for the present and for the future! For everything that you have already done. For what you are doing now. And for what will surely be done in future thanks to you!


Congratulations! Happy Volunteer Day! 

Yours respectfully,

Rinat Akhmetov