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Rinat Akhmetov Statement on the Occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Humanitarian Center


Dear friends!

Today, exactly three years ago, the Humanitarian Centre was established. Three years of struggle for the lives of fellow countrymen, three years of courage, three years of involvement and kindness.

Saving people is a feat. And for this feat, today I am saying thanks a lot to each of you. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have worked and continue to work with us: employees of the Humanitarian Centre, volunteers, all our partners. The contribution of each of you is invaluable.
What qualities should a person have, whose job and calling is to help others?

This is the ability to work in a team, shoulder to shoulder in any situation. And you displayed this ability 24 hours a day. This is courage, which you possess in abundance. But the most important thing is the ability to perceive other people's pain as your own. For you, there are no other people's misfortunes and other people's sufferings.
Throughout the three years, you didn’t just deliver medication and food to the most vulnerable inhabitants in the Donbass. You shared your warmth and your love with them in the most terrible days. You saved them from death, from diseases, you gave them hope and confidence in the fact that no one would be left unaided.

And this is particularly dear to my heart. Because I will never leave people in the lurch. I helped, I help, and I will always help those who need it more than others.
We have some huge work and new challenges ahead of us. And ahead of us is – I have confidence in that! – peaceful life. Peace will return to the Donbass, it will return to Ukraine, and this will be largely to your credit.

Thank you, my friends!

With deepest respect,
Rinat Akhmetov