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Every kid is a superhero! The Campaing Rinat Akhmetov to Children! is held in Ukraine.


For already 18 years a large-scale action "Rinat Akhmetov - for Children!" of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has been changing the lives of children from boarding institutions and deprived of parental warmth for the better.

This year's event is held in a new format under the motto "Your superpower inside you". Presenters of popular shows and news anchors of "Ukraine" TV-channel, in particular Derbin, Sukhanov, Panyuta, Kukhar, Pupkov will hold motivational meetings for 500 children from boarding institutions in Donetsk region. The screen stars in the role of ambassadors-delegates of the Foundation intend to show, including by personal example, that every child is a superhero.

TV presenter Alexey Sukhanov is one of the ambassadors and the most popular TV presenters in the country. Today he is a favorite of millions.  He says that he dreamed of television since childhood, but he had to work hard to make the dream of lifetime come true.

"The main thing is to recognize your talent, your gift, because everyone has it and is always unique. And it is also important to use it for the benefit of other people. Every hero wants to help, to save, to rescue, and to share something. And this is not surprising, after all, "in reaching out to one another, you rise yourself", – says Aleksey Sukhanov.

According to the TV presenter, he knows about many cases when Rinat Akhmetov helped people.

"The list of his good deeds can be continued almost endlessly. But do you know what I really admire? All this Rinat Akhmetov does from the goodness of his heart, with a great desire to help each particular person change for the better and save the lives of many people", – said Sukhanov.

Every week Oleg Panyuta sums up the events for the whole country on the air. A successful person, journalist and TV presenter is confident: children deprived of parental warmth especially need faith in miracles and their own strength. And Action "Rinat Akhmetov - for children!" gives them an incentive to take the first step on the road to success. 

"Over 18 years of the Action, a whole cohort of children has grown up, who are sincerely grateful that Rinat Akhmetov helped them in due time. He gave hope, gave a spark of happiness!"- said Oleg Panyuta.

Even a single meeting with an ambassador can open up a whole world of possibilities for a child. To become a key event in his life.

There are two important components in the Action" Rinat Akhmetov - for Children!". The first one is creation of a small miracle in the form of gifts. And the second, even more important one, is the inspiration that is conveyed by successful selfmade people," says Natalia Yemchenko, member of the Supervisory Board of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation.

This year, about 100,000 children will receive gifts from Rinat Akhmetov.

In addition, more than 50 family-type orphanages have received assistance from Rinat Akhmetov in the framework of the Action since 2001. Also, the Ukrainian benefactor provided financial assistance to 10 hospitals and 20 residential institutions.