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Two wounded children will be provided with complex operations to restore their skull integrity


Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center purchased and delivered titanium plates for two injured children. After obtaining severe injuries, the kids are continuing their treatment in Dnipropetrovsk.

10-year old Vladik suffered due to Avdiivka shelling in January 2015. The boy was staying at his grandmother's, when a shell hit the yard near the entrance hall. Vladik was wounded by shrapnel. It went through his forehead and remained in the back of his head. 60% of brain were damaged. The boy was in critical condition and stayed in the intensive care department for a long time. Despite the complex injuries, today Vlad has recovered and being on individual education. The next stage of the treatment is titanium plate installation.  This is a cosmetic closure of skull defects.

"Our acquaintances addressed the Humanitarian Center back in January. They told about Vladik, said that he needed help. The Humanitarian Center's specialists called us back. They followed the child's treatment during all this time. They helped to buy the titanium plate. Our surgery is appointed for October 5", – Maksym Serhiyovych, the boy's father, shares.

Another native of Avdiivka, 17-year-old Maksym, came under mortar attack in September 2014. There is no threat to boy's life today, but he needs closure of skull defect. The family, which moved to Krasnoarmiysk after the incident, cannot afford to buy an implant. Their only income is the benefit for internally displaced persons. That is why Maksym's parents asked the Humanitarian Center for help.

Both boys suffered due to shelling in Avdiivka. They had long and complex treatment. Today they need cranioplasty. This is a complex surgery aimed at skull integrity restoration. Both families are living in extremely difficult conditions, they cannot afford to buy titanium plates on their own. The required implants were purchased for them by the Humanitarian Center", – Yuliya Gerasymenko, the specialist of Targeted Assistance direction at Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, shared.

During the whole period of its operation Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center helped with medical treatment of 645 kids. 91 of them are the children who were injured due to hostilities.