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Children from Donbas are fascinated by meeting with Nick Vujicic


On April 7 at the initiative of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center 30 children from Donbas, who are currently undergoing rehabilitation in "Lisova Zastava" camp near Kyiv, attended a meeting with a legendary Australian philanthropist, motivational speaker and author Nick Vujicic. 

Nick is known for having been born without any limbs. However, he lives a full life and believes that his mission is to teach others not to give up under any circumstances. Vujicic specially arrived in Kyiv to inspire Ukrainians, give them hope for the future and to draw the young people’s attention to finding their way in life.

Nick Vujicic came on stage of Olimpiysky National Sports Complex in a wheel chair. But his enthusiasm and optimism motivated everyone in the hall for the future life, even in a difficult time for the country. 

"I know what you are going through now. This is a very complicated period of time for Ukraine. And I won't tell you: "Ok. Cheer up, everything will be great!" It is difficult to be positive, when there is so much negative around. But I want you to know that there is hope for your life", ‒ Vujicic started his speech.

In his speech, Nick supported all those who suffered during the armed conflict in Donbas. And he provided his personal example: life without arms and legs can be normal. Born with a rare hereditary disease, Nick lives a full life. Without arms and legs he plays football, swims, rides a skateboard and surfs, jumps with a parachute, and works on a computer. But the most important achievement for Nick is his beautiful wife and two wonderful sons.

"I always tell people that living in a broken family is worse than being without arms and legs. Yes, it's not easy to live without arms and legs, but what's more difficult is having "a heart of a disabled". Feeling lonely. Living without hope", ‒ Vujicic believes.

Nick's life is a bright example to follow and the triumph of willpower. He never loses his sense of humour and hope for the better. "Continue loving and supporting each other", ‒ Nick said as a parting word.

After the meeting with Vujicic children from "Lisova Zastava" shared their impressions:

"He is such a jokester, a very positive person. I know Nick for a long time from his videos on the Internet. It's great that I've got to know him better", ‒ Semen says.

"I like that he always believes in himself. And he gives people a chance to believe in themselves as well", ‒ Vladyslav thinks.

"He is amazing! I cried almost during the whole meeting. I was touched by Nick's speech. I even wrote down the phrase: "If you seek happiness in the temporary, it will be temporary". This is so great!", ‒ Valentina is sure.

"For Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center the kids that undergo rehabilitation in "Lisova Zastava" are like the children of our own. Many of them have already experienced all the horrors of war, despite their young age. Some children lost their parents. Many of them have their homes destroyed and they have to live in basements. In the challenging environment for a child's mind it is important for kids to see an example to follow. And Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is sure that meeting Nick Vujicic will give hope to these children. And it will become a powerful motivation for them to believe in their future", ‒ Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator, said before the meeting.

The Humanitarian Center initiated the meeting of children with Nick, took over the transport costs, and Olerom, the organizing company, provided free seats for Donbas children at the event.