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Congratulations from Rinat Akhmetov on the International Volunteer Day


My dear colleagues and friends!

The International Volunteer Day is one of the most important, most soulful and the warmest days of the year, because on this day we wholeheartedly thank and congratulate those who, day and night, in any situation, come to help people forgetting about themselves.

People in trouble need food, people in trouble need support, but the most necessary for them is to know that they won’t be left alone, that they won’t be forgotten, that someone will be there for them. There is nothing more valuable than human life. Everything passes, but gratitude for the saved life, for the lifeline thrown at the most difficult moment – that’s what remains in your heart forever. In Ukraine, in Europe, all around the world people express their gratitude to volunteers today.

I want each of you, my dear friends, to hear my great big THANK YOU. For your courage, for your dedication, for your kind heart. For the fact that, at the risk of your life, you are doing a truly great thing - saving those for whom you are the only hope. Saving those who need your help most.

I am convinced that hundreds of thousands of Donbas residents say THANK YOU today - the most helpless and defenceless of them, the old people, children, disabled people and mothers with many children. They thank you for everything you have done for them by the entire team of the Humanitarian Centre over these three most difficult years. And for what you continue to do. Many of our compatriots are alive today due to your courage and desire to help.

It is these very deeds that bring peace closer. I know, it's bound to return, while together with you we will help and do a lot of good for people, as always.

Yours respectfully,

Rinat Akhmetov