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Blogger Camp From the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is Open! How Children Who Suffered From the War Take Rest


On 5 May, a session of the Blogger Camp from the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation began. Its guests are children aged 8 to 14 who suffered from the war in Ukraine.

One of the participants of the project Rinat Akhmetov for Children. Peaceful Holidays for Ukrainian Children, Illya Poyasov from Kurakhove, Donetsk region, shared his impressions of the session.

“I dreamed of visiting Zakarpattia. It is very beautiful here. I like that I found good friends in the camp, that there are no such people here who could offend us. The counsellors are always with us and want us to spend these 10 days together, like a real camp. They help us as psychologists, they play games with us, together with us, they make posters and invent cheers and chants,” says the boy.

Every child who rests in the camp has his or her own story about the war. Illya’s hometown was repeatedly shelled by the Russian troops, mercilessly killing its residents. The family was forced to move and now lives in Svitlovodsk, Kirovohrad region.

Together with other campers of this session, every evening Illya lights a candle and remembers all the good events of the day. This is a touching tradition followed in the children’s camp. He also dreams of the future.

“I dream of returning home. I dream of the fact that everything will be fine. We will be able to rebuild Ukraine,” the boy admits.

During the current session of the Blogger Camp, children have the opportunity not only to take a good rest, but also to learn some trendy and modern blogger skills. More than 4,700 children from all over the country have undergone rehabilitation and received professional psychological assistance within the framework of the project.