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The trucks convoy of Humanitarian Aid Drive of Rinat Akhmetov arrived in Donetsk


Today, January 9, at 17:00 the trucks convoy of Humanitarian aid drive of Rinat Akhmetov Center arrived in Donetsk. The first convoy delivered 260 tons of food for civilians, these are sugar, macaroni products, cereals, oat flakes. In total the Humanitarian Center is going to send to Donbass 8,000 tons of food products to make 500,000 humanitarian sets in January.

At the moment the trucks are being unloaded in Donetsk logistics center – Dondass Arena stadium. After being unloaded each piece of the humanitarian aid will be marked with “Humanitarian Aid. Not for Sale” sticker, and then the products will be packed in 14-kilo parcels. Each set contains sugar, flour, sunflower-seed oil, cereals, macaroni products, canned meat and fish, condensed milk, biscuits, canned corn.

Starting from Monday the volunteers of FC Shakhtar will be giving free these food sets to civilians of Donbass according to the criteria approved by the Center.

Again, this morning the convoy of 14 trucks of this year first Humanitarian aid drive of Rinat Akhmetov drove from Dnepropetrovsk to Donetsk. Before being dispatched the trucks and their contains were checked by representatives of Dnepr-1 Battalion.