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Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is planning to deliver 4,000 tons of humanitarian aid in February


In February Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is planning to send almost 4,000 tons of food to Donbas civilians, it will be used to form 381,000 adult survival kits and 34,000 children food packages.

"Today the Humanitarian Center's work is focused on humanitarian aid with food and medications that are highly demanded by people. Every month about half million people on both sides of the contact line receive our food packages. This assistance helps people to survive the harsh conditions of life, where they found themselves due to the armed conflict in Donbas", ‒ Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator, says.

Every week Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center sends from two to four truck convoys with food from Dnipropetrovsk logistic centre to Donetsk and Mariupol. In January there were 12 truck convoys sent to Donbas, they delivered more than 3,000 tons of food to form 314,000 sets for adults and 20,500 children packages. This aid is aimed for the most vulnerable categories of civilians: retired and disabled people, families with many children and babies from 0 to 35 months old.

"Last year the 'Teams of Mobile Volunteers' project has established itself quite successfully, that is why the Center today is focused on delivering food to the most remote and hard-to-reach settlements in the "grey zone" that are not visited by any volunteers of other missions", ‒  Rimma Fil specified.

According to the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator, during the entire period of mobile volunteers' operation the aid was issued to more than 88,000 people. In February the Humanitarian Center's mobile teams of volunteers are planning to visit over 50 Donbas settlements. "We see that requirement in humanitarian assistance remains relevant even after 1.5 years since the military conflict started. That is why we are expanding the geography of our aid penetration to all towns and villages of Donetsk region, to help everyone who needs it", ‒ she summarized.

As of February 5, 2016, Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center has issued 6,349,000 adult survival kits and 472,000 children packages on both sides of the contact line.