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Your Superprofession: Helping Teenagers Find the Right Path in Life


On 17 December, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation will hold an all-Ukrainian motivational interactive online lesson Your Superprofession for school students of 8-11 grades. It is part of a large-scale campaign Rinat Akhmetov for Children. This year, several novelties are waiting for its participants. Thus, new professions will be presented to them, including that of a storyteller, a presenter/interviewer and a photo/video editor.

Representatives of the above professions will tell teenagers why these occupations are very popular today. They will describe the opportunities and prospects of their professions, the secrets of success and ways to grow. They will also share with the audience where and who might need people with such skills.

In addition, the organizers prepare a surprise for participants – a meeting with a celebrity guest who will motivate teenagers with his success story. They will also be addressed by the speakers of previous meetings, who will share their experiences and success stories. The online lesson will start at 12:00 on the Foundation’s YouTube channel. In parallel, the online lesson will be broadcasted on the portal of the Museum of Civilian Voices of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation at the link
‘The campaign Rinat Akhmetov for Children is a personal initiative from the Founder of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. This tradition is over 20 years old. Over the years of its existence, its format has changed, but its goal and philosophy have remained the same – to give warmth and care to children. The focus of the campaign is on boys and girls left without parental warmth. It is very important to help them open up their abilities and give them faith that they can achieve their goals and change the world for the better. The campaign is a touch to the fate of children, which changes their lives for the better, and gives them faith in miracles,’ said Iryna Blazhan, Project and Program Chief Director of the Foundation.

The first motivational meetings were organized in December 2018. At that time, students of five boarding schools from Donetsk region learned how to open up their talents, gained knowledge on how to choose a profession, and passed career guidance tests. They tried themselves in five popular and sought-after professions. In total, since December 2018, 10 ambassadors of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation have held 41 motivational meetings in nine boarding schools of Donetsk region, which were attended by more than 1,000 children.

In addition, the Foundation produced an educational series Your Superprofession. The first season of the series is available at the link:

The second season is now being prepared for release. The series will present professions that can provide a quick social elevator for teenagers who have started thinking about choosing the cause of their life. It is meant to help them get a job in order to start providing for themselves in their independent adult life.