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Shakhtar turns 85!


Exactly 85 years ago, a team of the Donbas coal miners called Stakhanovets played their first competitive match in the USSR Championship. This match marked the start of the great history of our favourite club Shakhtar Donetsk.

During those 85 years, our club has had a challenging journey. There have been ups and downs. Some resounding triumphs and embarrassing defeats. Moments of joy and moments of sadness. But no matter what difficulties Shakhtar encountered on the way, the team always overcame them with honour and only got stronger.

We proudly remember our club’s first trophy in 1961 when they raised the USSR Cup. We proudly recall the first trophy in independent Ukraine, when they won the Cup of Ukraine back in 1995. In 2002 we celebrated our first Ukrainian title. And in 2009, Shakhtar achieved the greatest success in the club football history in the independent Ukraine by winning the UEFA Cup. In total, we have won 40 trophies in our history. Shakhtar has become the leading club in Ukraine and a force to be reckoned with in Europe.
There are people behind every Shakhtar triumph. Therefore, on this day we thank everyone who contributed to the development and formation of the club. We thank every footballer who has glorified our team on the pitch over the past 85 years. We thank every coach who has shaped the unique playing style of our team. We thank every doctor, performance analysis team member, administrative staff member. Just everyone who never get on camera, but without whom Shakhtar's success would have been impossible.
And, of course, we thank our fans. Football is impossible without you. Our club plays and wins for you. Your support always energizes the players and gives them strength even in the toughest matches. Every trophy, every win was secured thanks to you and your support. It has been this way for 85 years, and it will always be so.
Unfortunately, Shakhtar marks its 85th anniversary away from home. We all really miss our hometown of Donetsk and our gorgeous Donbass Arena where any opponent of Shakhtar found it tough to play. But I believe that the Champions League theme song will sound at the Donbass Arena again and that our team will win many new trophies on its field.
Shakhtar claimed many outstanding and important victories. But the best win is the next win. We do not stop there. Shakhtar is a club with the highest ambitions. Our bar was set very high and we’ve got no right to lower it. Therefore, Shakhtar's major triumphs are yet to come.

Happy birthday, Shakhtar! Happy holiday, dear friends!

With deepest respect,
Rinat Akhmetov