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Rinat Akhmetov's Address on the Occasion of Miner's Day and Donetsk City Day


Dear friends, fellow countrymen!

With all my heart I congratulate you on the Miner’s Day and the Day of the City, which today is celebrating its 150th Anniversary!

Miner profession is of particular importance for Donetsk. Miners are real heroes, the pride of every yard, street and every settlement, the pride of the whole city and the whole country. The hard work of miners brings light and warmth in every house, which means that the miner profession has always been and will be needed, respected and honored.

It is symbolic that the Miner’s Day and the city's birthday became a single whole for Donetsk for ever, a big holiday for everyone! For Donetsk, a miner is not just a profession; it is a long history and glorious traditions.

On the day when my native city is celebrating its 150th Anniversary, I would like to wish it one thing: let the long-awaited Peace come to Donetsk, Donbas as soon as possible!

Dear friends, it was on the City Day and Miner’s Day 10 years ago that Donbass Arena was opened – one of the best arenas in the world, which has always been packed-out. I am convinced that we all live the dream of our native team playing again at Donbass Arena, of the packed-out stadium and of the Champions League anthem playing inside the stadium.

Happy holiday dear Donetsk residents! Happy Miner’s Day and City Anniversary!

I wish you and your loved ones peace, kindness and prosperity!

Yours sincerely,

Rinat Akhmetov