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Children and war: the consequences of traumatic events. ONLINE TEST


Today, on November 20, the psychologists of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center launched a new online test on war trauma among children. The questionnaire will help parents to determine how badly the military actions affected their children and what kind of help they need.

The word "trauma" ("psychological trauma") means the mental state of people, who experienced a very strong shock effect, when their own life or the life other people surrounding them or even the loved ones faced a real danger of death. In view of this war the similar situations happened to many people, including children. Unfortunately, many children saw shelling, attacks, killed people next to them, they suffered violence, loss of their loved ones and many other disasters.

As the practice shows, the "war trauma" of today's children can manifest itself in different ways. In some cases, children discover clear signs of internal suffering, their anxiety is noticeable and shown in their behaviour. In other cases, children do not show visible anxiety and do not speak about their experiences, capturing, for example, the "unwanted" talks about sad situations in their family, "prohibition" of this topic or its painfulness for their loved ones.

Note that the real diagnostics of a child's psychological trauma can be made by specialist only (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist). It is important to have contact with children for this matter and watch them during the conversation. But the proposed test will help you to get oriented and make a preliminary assessment of the grounds of your concerns about your child's condition. Please also note that this questionnaire can be used to evaluate the condition and behaviour of children older than 6 and teenagers.

You can take the test here