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11 years of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation


July 15 marks 11 years since the establishment of Rinat Akhmetov Charitable Foundation. The main programs of the Foundation and the most significant results of its operation were highlighted by Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator, during the online conference in Segodnya-Multimedia.

"11 years ago Rinat Akhmetov said the following words at the Foundation opening ceremony: "Charity should have a quiet voice.  But systemic problems should be discussed loudly, so that we are heard". To solve the global problems of society, we should get united to be effective. We must speak loudly for this problem to be seen. And it is important to show the example in charity.  This philosophy has always been and still remains the motive force for the Foundation and the Humanitarian Center's operation as well, ‒ Rimma Fil stated. ‒ During 11 years the Foundation achieved unique results in all the directions of its activity in various fields: education, child-rearing, healthcare, culture and targeted assistance. The Foundation provides a large-scale, a systemic and a great help to everyone who needs it".

During the briefing the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator told about the major programs and performance results of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. 

"Cancer can be cured" is the first and yet the only large-scale program in Ukraine, established to give an opportunity to Ukrainian people to be diagnosed and get cancer treatment in accordance with the world standards. Over the program implementation period more than 80,000 people had an opportunity to diagnose and treat a number of oncological diseases on the equipment, installed by the Foundation it the partner clinics.

"Stop TB in Ukraine" is a program established to overcome TB epidemic in Ukraine. Thanks to the program more than 35,000 patients were examined on the equipment purchased by the Foundation. During the program implementation period (2008-2013), the incidence among new TB cases in Donetsk region was decreased by 22% as compared to 2008, and the death rate from tuberculosis was reduced by 41 %.

"Targeted Assistance" program is providing help here and now to those, who got into a difficult situation. First of all the help is provided for emergency treatment and long-term rehabilitation of children. Back in the peaceful times the Foundation helped 20,702 people from all over Ukraine. Since the outbreak of the war targeted assistance program operates as part of Humanitarian Center's activity. Over 23 months of the Humanitarian Center's operation more than 23,000 Donbas civilians got help.

"Say No to Orphanhood" had the same goal back in the peacetime as now: helping a child to find a family. During the project implementation period 8,120 children from all over Ukraine were adopted or found foster families thanks to the all-Ukrainian portal of national adoption There were two Mother and child centres opened in Donetsk and Kyiv, a crisis centre in Dnipropetrovsk, and there are 4 operating family support centres. 41 family-type orphanages were established and hosted 400 children that are being raised there.

"In August 2014, by decision of Rinat Akhmetov and using the Foundation as the base, through the employees' experience and their potential, they established the Humanitarian Center that provides monthly help to hundreds of thousands of Donbas civilians, who are doomed to survive during the war. In fact, the Foundation took another work format. The Humanitarian Center is fast decision-making, helping people here and now. Over two years of the Humanitarian Center's operation we managed to save more than 1,118,000 Donbas residents, ‒ Rimma Fil said. – And today all the Center's efforts are aimed at helping people, because this issue remains relevant.  But we all hope that peace is established soon, and the Foundation will get back to implementing the peacetime projects".